Uber thinks on self-Driving (Autonomous) cars

Uber thinks on self-Driving (Autonomous) cars

On 18th march 2016(Friday) Uber had ordered for Mercedes S-class cars, reported by Germanys manager magazine. Nearly 100000cars had ordered by Uber, magazine revealed.

But this Mercedes-benz does not have complete functionalities of self-driving. But the Uber did not give any official information regarding this purchase.

Audi car, Daimlers Mercedes Bengand  BMW cars having the technology of self driving but the cost of these cars is very high.

Uber management decided that to purchase these self-driving cars due to driver’s salary. They want to earn money by purchasing of self-driving cars.

Uber thinks on self-Driving (Autonomous) cars

About Uber

Uber is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers. Uber is proving service to customers and passengers through mobile.

Uber makes the cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers.

Uber is launched in the year2009 .Uber is rapidly expanding over globe to bring the people and their cities closer. Now Uber Cars providing service to 300 cities.

About Self-driving Cars

The self-driving car is a driverless car .and this car senses the navigation by using technology and this car detects the surrounding using GPS (global positioning system).

The self-driving cars is nothing but a car without driver. The Search engine boss-Google introduced the Self driving car and this car doesn’t have a steering wheel and Pedal brake.

The Google self-driving car developed by Google –X .This Google self-driving car has introduced into market and one fine day this Google self-driving car met an accident with local bus.

Some countries have given permission to self-driving vehicles .the country UK has allowed Autonomous cars into roads. But in India we did not have any permission for self-driving cars.

The branded Smart phone Company, Apple also secretly designing Self driving car. So it will interesting.

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