US Government and Apple to face off in court over iPhone privacy

US Government and Apple to face off in court over iPhone privacy

It is a decisive especially in the success or failure before a federal judge in Southern California focuses on the battle between the federal judge and tech giant actually who want help from Apple to unlock an iPhone linked to one of the shooters in the December terror attack in San Bernardino California.

It’s a fight over the future of high tech close observation the trust infrastructure undergirding the global software ecosystem and how far the software developers and technology companies can be compulsorily as prepared suppliers of hacking tools for Government written by Julian Sanchez libertarian Cato Institute in Washington.

US Government and Apple to face off in court over iPhone privacy

Indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people

Apple give moral support by a broad Coalition of technology giants including Facebook, Google, Yahoo give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea that the FBI is attempt to find a back door into all iPhones as part of the probe into the December 2 an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of many people that left 14 people dead.

It also struggle to surmount the Government is over stepping legal bounds by using a statue called All Writs Act, which dates back to 1789 in order to force Apple to hack into the iPhone in question.

The government and people wants to know what is there on terrorist phone

The government has fired back by saying that Apple was not above the law and that its request for technical assistance concerns a single case.

The Apple 5C shooter Syed Farook’s from Bernardino health department, both Syed and his wife Tashfeen Malik died in a fire fight with police after the attack.

The Government and the people wants to know what is on the terrorist phone it is a narrow targeted order the Government needs Apple’s assistance to find out.

Tech companies and security experts and civil rights advocates are saying the issue is not about iPhone as it is setting a precedent to open the door and being forced to hand over customer data.

iPhone SE Launch today, Here’s is everything about SE


Apple will offer the first launch today at the company Headquarters i.e., Cupertino in California Apple is also expected to introducing a new devices along with some software updates.

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for iPhone SE 4-inch. The device is called iPhone SE. Recently they have confirmed the name the company dicided to remove 5 from the name.

It means the iPhone SE will be the 2nd iPhone after the 1st generation model without a number.

iPhone lineup is bringing back an iPhone 5 variant during the iPhone 6 life cycle may confuse the customers.  iPhone SE is wantedly remove the  iPhone 5S and the price is similar as they point.


Specifications and Design of the iPhone SE:

In terms of design the device is similar to the iPhone 6 models. The power button is on the side only for 6 models the power button is on side because the length of the device.

Hence the upcoming smartphone is almost the same as the iPhone 6 but the size is 4-inch.

The connectivity and the storage capacity:

The iPhone is similar to 5s but the SE is slightly curved 2.5D glass and the Camera is 12MP, but previously the roumor is 8MP.

Apple A8 chipset with M8 coprocessor that will also come from the currently available iPhone 6 models, but there is a rumour that the device is coming with A9 processor.

The storage is expecting with 16GB and 64GB. The battery capacity is 164MAh and it includes the connective options Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 4.2 and live photos support.

The device didn’t get 3D touch which remain exclusive to the iPhone 6s. The rumour is Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone will come in pink but not the same pink as Apple’s rose gold in iPhone 6s but completely new shade.