WhatsApp now you can format text in Bold and Italics

WhatsApp now you can format text in Bold and Italics

With this Whatsapp new update you can now text with different styles like bold and italics.

This feature can be used while highlighting important parts of a text in the messages. If you want to keep the text in italic then you have to add an underscore‘_’ sign in the beginning and end of a sentence, If you want to text in Blod then keep an asterisk * in the same way.

It is also added a file sharing option to users can now document through Google Drive, you can select a PDF file or a word document or even PPT (power point presentation) from Google Drive it can automatically converted to PDF format.

The latest version of WhatsApp is not available on the PlayStore, there is an option for interested users you can download APK file here.

The notification of the name of the sender is in bold it is much easier to phrase different message and you can see who’s talking to you before opening the app.

Even the notification also seems to handle the same formatting that displayed in chats as you see the screen shot above and the second to be shown in Bold.

WhatsApp now you can format text in Bold and Italics

Second improvement in WhatsApp:

There is also a second improvement in the document in sending feature which has introduced a couple of weeks ago.

When you want to attach document or you want to browse other documents then the option will show recently it allows you to browse in Google Drive and Microsoft Drive.

It is also opens up Android’s built in system  file picker and then you can choose PDF’s  from online storage, however they will converted into PDFs before you sent.

The third improvement in WhatsApp:

The third change is significant improvement the way Google Drive local backups are handled, in previous you if you are in middle of conversation then annoying that the person will think that you are in asleep are stopped answering, But now the pop up will blocks everything  but it displays progress percentage which means you have a clear idea.